Q. - What is an indoor plant?
A. - Indoor plants (or house plants) are plants that thrive indoors as they have adapted to living with low light, usually with less water and lower maintenance needs.

Q. - Can we use synthetic/plastic plants?
A. - You can, but you loose the real benefits of living plants (see next question). They also get very dusty and colours fade making them look tatty and old.

Q. - Why should we have plants indoors?
- Placing air-purifying plants can reduce health complaints significantly. Plants release moisture into the air, absorb heat and noise, absorb and break down harmful substances.

Q. - Why can't we look after the plants oursleves?
- Sure you can. When someone else does it, it's one less thing you have to worry about.When we are busy the last thing on your mind would be to water plants and have to go running to a DIY or garden centre to get the proper feed.

Q. - How much does it cost?
. - Unfortunately, it is difficult to give a price online. Costs vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of plant, how big the plant is, accessibility and the number of plants you have.

Q. - How do I make payments?
- You can pay by PayPal or UK Bank Transfer.

Q. - I'm going on holiday and need someone to water my plants, do you do that?
- We do. Some of our main clients are private homes, individuals who ask us to 'plant sit' their homes-plants and look after their allotment whilst on holiday.


“Plants have shown to significantly improve the air quality inside a building by absorbing toxins and raising the humidity.